An Argument

In regards to the topic of my thesis; how comparative youth countercultures and their influence on social identity systems effect how graphic design functions instrumentally as a way of communicating to pop culture; I am curious to find that if in fact to what degree pop culture has been influenced by these systems or if these countercultures dissolve because popular culture is the dominate social system, controlling graphic communication to retain its influence on these countercultures and their identities.

During my bibliographical research I will aim to answer the following:

  1. How have different levels of elements that have emerged from these cultures influenced graphic design and the way it communicates with pop culture.
  2. With different age groups?
  3. How have youth countercultures influenced branding in music and fashion?
  4. What are ways that these styles have evolved as trends?
  5. Has popular culture in turn been the influence in some way to the countercultures in a graphical context?


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