The goal of this essay is to present a balanced and objective examination of youth countercultures and their effects on social structures and how this can be seen in a graphical context. 

I set up a few moodboards for inspiration and have thought about how this one in particular will be useful in serving as inspiration as I search for literature for the essay.


The color palette of this board is indicative of the typical Shepard Fairey palette drawing inspiration from the old war posters having notes of propaganda, activism, politics, and Marxism, in which the development from a bourgeois oppression and the class struggle (the OBEY campaign in particular) of the capitalistic structure plays a central role in accepting society’s development to a socialist and classless society.

This moodboard represents one of the ways that the melting pot of youth subcultures and countercultures can co-exist in one piece while illustrating the effects that these cultures have on graphic design as communication. The style and content represents a flexibility generating creative imagery that is easily recognizable and supported by the simplistic color palette. Highly artistic in nature as these countercultures are, in that they are all trend setters within their cultures, the structure of this board and its components demonstrate self-confidence and has the capability of being highly emotional by use of imagery. This connotation is not overly trendy and will appeal to the target audience on an emotional level while embracing differences, different priorities and presents a distinct concentration in the sectors described above. Rich in symbolism and highly emotional, this piece isn’t lacking typography in my opinion.


Fig. 1 Girl neutral palette [accessed 11-12-2016]

Fig. 2Girl with yellow [accessed 11-12-2016]

Fig. 3 Girl with red [accessed 11-12-2016]

Fig. 4 Gothic girl [accessed 11-12-2016]

Fig. 5 Triangles [accessed 11-12-2016]

Fig. 6 Lion [accessed 11-12-2016]­lection/hipster-art

Fig. 7 Triangle [accessed 11-12-2016]­angles/

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