Artist Statement

I believe that finding yourself as a designer is a lifelong journey that adapts with the ever-changing trends which are constantly influencing the world around us. That is why my work focuses on cultural and social issues. While I use a variety of processes and materials in each project, my research, idea generation and development methodologies remain consistent. The subject matter in each body of work determines the materials and final formation, often in a range of different media that can be interpreted through specific themes and meaning.

Design Ethos

believe the ties between art and science overlap as they both use means of investigation involving ideas and theories that are tested in places where the imagination and intellect of the mind are applied. During my exploration I visually transform bits and pieces of materials and information into new experiments until the outcome visually communicates before the mind a series of puns, and metaphors that challenge the intellect and enchant the eye.Poster Final

My Latest Project

Rant and Rage is a zine that started from my research for the Master of Arts program in graphic communication through IDI/University of Hertfordshire. Practice 1 and 2 continue to inform my practice and MA project as phases of portfolio work and research methodologies on cultural issues and debates. Experimentation through practice led research processes aim to resolve design problems that have not been considered in this sector of visual culture.

My Practice

My strongest passion lies in critical and cultural studies, awareness and education projects. This most often takes form through design talks or lectures accompanied by visuals that have been crafted through robust research methodologies, divergent experimentation and creative output. To learn more about my research processes, please visit my blog and click on the category #Research Methodologies, #Practice Led Research and #Reflections.

Professionally, I have been involved in some facet of design for about 20 years. From stage craft, to interior, to commercial design and communication direction, my knowledge of the industry is wide and constantly increasing through research and exploration. For more information on my professional and educational history, please visit my profile page at LinkedIn or contact me for a copy of my CV.