Rant & Rage Issue #3

What is shaping the unattainable beauty ideals within the industry and what are some of the effects this is having on pop culture?

The Anamorphic Lens of Filtered Perfection: A Visual Response to Advertising Tactics in the Age of Capitalism.

This issue exposes many of the contradictions between sexism, and femininity and the complicated experience of liberation, subjectification, objectification and blurred lines of reality.

The zine spreads place focus on the interaction between the visible and invisible and captures how the positioning of the body intersects feminism with post-modernism and explores the tension between these theories and their collision.

Behance 4Behance 3Behance 2behance1

Finally, it uses visual strategies as a primary method of intercession between the author’s referentiality and the connection with the subject by exposing different tactics used in advertisements (Feiksi, 2006). In this context, the defilement of the object can be recognized through positioning, commodifying and sexualizing the body but also in many cases violating it through digital manipulations that structure the way we think and feel, and all through the hands of capitalism.


Felski, R. (2006) Because it is Beautiful. Sage. Vol 7, Issue 2.[online] available at https://journals-sagepub-com.ezproxy.herts.ac.uk/doi/10.1177/1464700106064424 accessed 04-04-2019

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