Research and Response

In some regards, secondary research into other practitioner’s design resolutions and more-so keeping current with the works of contemporary practices is good for epistemological and business practices is vital to a practice led commune of visual communication to historical and contemporary cultures ever-changing through cultural led normalities. Are these dictated through cultures, or is visual communication so powerful that it leads popular culture into capitalist ideologies through basic repetition strategies?

Graphic communication has the capability of leading popular culture into new ways of thinking both good and bad, for commerce or awareness…below is an example of a well researched response to an article on older men and younger women by Noma Bar.

Noma Bar

Fig. 28 Bar (2009) Beware of the Wolves

This is an illustration for an article about older men and younger women is a didactic approach to simplistic design by solving complex issues using space. What is particularly striking in my opinion, is the selection of space and color and the scope of meaning communicated through simplicity and the use of negative space. The use of space and color serve as inspiration in seeing things through shapes and meaning and are intellectually conveyed through this engulfment of a young looking and innocent Red Riding Hood being consumed by the sexual desires and ravenous intent of the wolf. The expressive illustration of the eared angle and cross-eyed approach is in agreement with the connotations of rape under the sexual analysis of the original tale stemming back as far as the 10th century.



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