Preparing the Presentation

Because this module of study was focused on experimentation and exploration in terms of development, I freely and divergently tested this process throughout, possibly devoting too much time to this phase, dreading the presentation and modes of display for the assessment with the amount of time I have allowed for this process.

As the development process is drawing to an end, I still have endless refinements to do before the presentation and I wonder if I have left enough time to plan the final phase of this module to the standards required given the time left so I am blogging my to do list with thoughts and concerns.

  1. Digital Presentation:

This gets me to thinking of the way in which I should present my work to showcase it to the best of my abilities. It seems that my outlandish ideas of a flipper zine is pretty much impossible to accomplish digitally without writing endless strings of code.

  • I could possibly create this animation from scratch. I know this is doable in action script but am not sure I will be able to pull it off this first time around.
  • Or, create and combine two pdf documents and insert the pages from the 2nd upside down.
  • Or script a ‘go to page one’ when hitting the upside-down page and take it to the opposite zine’s front cover. I think that would be the easiest and most user-friendly way to digitally publish the Flipper-Zine.
  1. Printed Presentation:

I have been researching at modes of presentation for editorial work and have drilled it down to the following three styles that will fit the zine’s overall vibe:


(Fig. 1 Bardell, C. 2018 Editorial Spread Photography)


(Fig. 2 Chalkia, M. 2018 Prime Skiing #05)


(Fig. 3 Benjamin, M. 2018 Pinterest)

  1. Displays of the posters
  2. Launch the social media campaign

At the midnight hour I decided that an academic group would be a great benefit for the MA project. The purpose of the group is to link individuals from different parts of the world working on similar topics or platforms. This is simply a place to discuss similar and cultural differences in an academic setting.

This was a last minute decision over a simple Instagram page and to my horror I found that I had to submit forms to the ethics board, which I did, but now must wait and it’s a fear that time will run out before I get the approval. As a contingency, I will simply launch the Instagram page so that I will meet the catalyst brief requirements, but that is not where my heart is at this point.


Fig 1  Bardwell, C. 2018 Editorial Spread – Photography [online]  [accessed 05-02-2018]

Fig. 2 Chalkia, M. 2018 Prime Skiing #05 [online] [accessed 05-01-2018]

Fig. 3 Pinterest Benjamin, M. (2018) [online] [accessed 05-02-2018]

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