Creative Catalyst Brief

I have decided to set up a catalyst brief that would benefit the MA project in an effort to provide more insight into the creative development and kick-start the process of research, idea generation and development. These outcomes will respond to the theme acting as a stimulus to creative problem solving for the project.


This project will set the stage for the MA project. I am proposing to create two posters that will stand alone for an awareness campaign about the darker side of the selfie and the effects this is having on the object-self and the signified. The posters will double as the cover to each issue, in that there is no front or supporting/back but two featured topics.

What has to be established is the visual tone of the project, therefore, the layout and the overall style will also be accomplished with this body of work.

In addition, the logo for the publication will be designed. This is of the utmost importance to the look and feel of the flipper zine and will be hand crafted using block printing techniques for a DIY connotation that will be true to the countercultural creed it represents.

Project Outcome

  • 2 Posters that will double as both covers for the flipper zine.
  • Logotype and visual tone
  • Social Media

Art Media, Processes and Techniques

My personal style is inspired by past works so this will be a good way to brand my work and respect the historical works of others while creating new and fresh ideas for the MA project. A variety of styles and mediums will be used for experimentation with the best resolution applied to the final outcome.

  • Paint, charcoal or block printing methods will be used for the logotype
  • Typographical layout and design
  • Acrylic paint, canvas, brushes
  • Photography
  • Collage
  • Digital illustrations
  • Photo manipulation
  • Digital stenciling
  • Digital illustration


Research will take a deep look into the political and analytical perspectives of the zine and DIY cultures and provide a critical view of the zine culture and the driving force behind self-publishing and although kept to a subculture, its overall effect on social change. (Duncombe 1977)

I will look at the psychological theories and other phenomena that relates to the topics of the project using a large variety of methods that will inform my practice and enable me to communicate graphically to the audience at the post graduate level. I will use research to define these cultures and their specific ideological systems to avoid idioms that may send the wrong message. (Howze, 2008)


Primary audience – the Internet Culture, Millennials, and Generation Z
Secondary audience – the Global Culture
Tertiary audience – the Zine and DIY subcultures

Theoretically I believe that in time, the global culture may become the primary target as technology and communication progress. A critical look into the multiplicitous internet culture and globalism and feminist views will also be considered in addition to the identity construction of the zine providing an abstract for my research on the Selfie generation. (Muggleton, 2003)

Ongoing research will continue to inform my practice of how styles, mediums and processes that are specific to these cultures can be transitioned into solutions that communicate on a global platform.



Duncombe, S. (1977) Notes From Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture. Bloomington. Microcosm Publishers.

Day, E. 2013 How selfies became a global phenomenon online:  [accessed 03-11-2018]

Howze, R. (2008) Stencil Nation, Graffiti, Community and Art. San Francisco. Manic D Press

Muggleton, D & Weinzierl, R. (2003) The Post-Subcultures Reader. Oxford. New York. Berg

Wickel, T. 2015 Narcissism and Social Networking Sites: The Act of Taking Selfies online [accessed 03-10-2018]




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