Purpose of this blog

The purpose of this blog is to explore the influence that different cultures have on identities in graphic design. This study is a life long journey that is constantly morphing and changing with the trends and pop culture, we will examine:

  • How trends can provoke a change in thought and ways of seeing things.
  • How popular culture can control fundamental elements by using different methods of crafting personal expression.
  • How these cultures influence the identity of groups, sub cultures, brands, trends including fashion, music, politics, social issues and humanitarian efforts.

As a practitioner, my primary focus is on awareness campaigns, humanitarian work, and social issues. It is fascinating to me how visual culture influences society as a whole and how different cultures control the identity of their groups or audience through various methods of expression and the role that visual language plays.

Last year, I wrote an essay on sexualized youth and the effects that advertising strategies that position youth as a desired commodity has on visual culture.

The project gave me insight on some of the critical and cultural issues that surrounded the area.  I became more knowledgeable in how to examine visual signifiers through various methods that equipped me in the development of my practice and my humanitarian efforts.  It taught me to make more informed decisions when constructing adverts, in ways that protect the innocence of youth, uphold the beauty of adult sensuality, and use the human form in respectful ways that inspire the intellect of the mind and the eye.

The research played a huge role in educating me regarding the historical theories and the contemporary marketing strategies that influence these design methods and have motivated me into pursuing further study that will examine a more in-depth investigation into a broader range of topics and social issues.


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